Your Custom View of the Market

Aergo‘s interactive real estate map is your key to unlocking the real estate market. Terradatum‘s latest web-based program allows you to explore the data from your MLS matrix in a new way–through an interactive map feature, customizable reports, and more. With Aergo’s unique insights on an area, an agent can become a true market expert.

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Aergo Learning Guide

Defining a Market - Area and Property Type

Defining a Market - Time Frame

The Power of the Map

Real-Time Mapping of Your Market Area  

Select an area of the map for up-to-date stats and deep insights by adding a zip code or custom-select an area on the map of the shape of your choice with a curser or stylus.

True and Accurate Picture of Market Trends

View the trends for Sold, Under Contract, New Listings, and Expired properties over a 13-month period for Total # Units and Total $ Volume.

Custom Reports Based on the Information You Need to Know

Toggle switches allow users to focus the market-area analysis on exactly the relevant statistics needed, and KMI and Secondary Indicators enhance the report information.

Easy to Read Comparisons of Market Data 

Aergo allows users to break down relevant market information, parsing it out the way the user needs in the moment, from Median List Price to Inventory $ Volume, and much, much more.