NCRMLS Committees play a crucial role in shaping the future of the real estate industry for all REALTORS®. Comprised of dedicated managers, these committees work together to establish and support policies that promote a cooperative regional real estate marketplace. By focusing on areas such as data, tools, training, and finance, they aim to enhance the MLS experience and ensure the best possible outcomes for all involved.

MLS & Data 

MLS Data Committee addresses MLS database fields, field definitions, and display on both the interface and reports.

Business Development Committee

Business Development Committtee researches and recommends products and/or strategies that will enhance the value proposition of participating in NCRMLS.

Member Services 

Member Services Task Force enhances and produces the Member benefits of participating in NCRMLS.


Finance Committee provides financial analysis, advice, and oversight of the organizations budget.

Watch Committee

The Watch Committee is tasked with researching and overseeing the future and facts. This involves analyzing trends, developments, and potential outcomes to inform decision-making and planning.


The Georgia Growth Committee oversees the development and expansion of the Multiple Listing Service in the region. 

Task Force Connections...

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MLS Data
Business Dev.
Member Services
MLS Data

Amy DeMars - Chair

MLS Task Force | Manager | JBOR

Amber Alderton CMLX-2, e-PRO®, C2EX®,AHWD®

MLS Task Force | Member Staff - BCAR ​MLS Director 

Arlene McMillan

MLS Task Force | CSO | TIAR

Art Ricks

MLS Task Force | Manager elect | CFR

Ashley Johnson

MLS Task Force | CSO | OCHAR

Bill Lumpp

MLS Task Force | Manager | RMAAR

Cindy White

MLS Task Force | CPAR Staff | CPAR

Cynthia Walsh CAE, RCE, CMLX-2, e-Pro, AHWD, C2EX


Jamie Lynn Crist

MLS Task Force | Manager | CFR

Linda Oliver

MLS Task Force | CSO | WBOR

Tameca Jenrette AWHD, C2EX, e-Pro

MLS Task Force | Member Staff - CFR ​MLS Director 

Tammy Ferebee

MLS Task Force | Manager | AAAR

Tracy Riba

MLS Task Force | Manager | JCAR 

Cynthia George

MLS Task Force | NCRMLS

Victor Morgan

MLS Task Force | Manager | TIAR

Business Dev.

Marianne  Clark

Business Development Task Force | Manager | NRRAR

Alexis Pierson

Business Development Task Force | Manager | JBOR

Ben Myers

Business Development Task Force | Manager | WBCBR

Bob Percesepe

Business Development Task Force | Manager | BCAR

Leasa Haselden

Business Development Task Force | Manager | MCRAR

Dayma Fuentes Huston

Business Development Task Force | NCRMLS Staff 

Pat Copeland

Business Development Task Force | Manager | CCAR 

Member Services

Bonnie White 

Member Services Task Force | CSO | CEO JCAR

Dean Thompson

Member Services Task Force | Manager | GWCAR

Coleen Curtis

Member Services Task Force | CSO | AAAR

Selby Brewer

Member Services Task Force | Manager | WBOR

Sheree Higgins

Member Services Task Force | CSO | CEO CCAR

Jan Nichols

Member Services Task Force | Manager | OCHAR

Linda Oliver

Member Services Task Force | CSO | WBOR

Melinda Greene

Member Services Task Force | CSO | RMAAR

Angie Upchurch

Member Services Task Force | Staff NCRMLS

Sandra Barnhardt

Member Services Task Force | CSO | MCRAR

Randy Bledsoe

Member Services Task Force | Manager | CPAR

Colleen Rhynders

Member Services Task Force | Manager | JCAR

 Kathy Sherman

Member Services Task Force | Manager | BCAR


Angie Baker

Finance Committee  | WBOR

Adam Upchurch

Finance Committee  | Manager | WBCBOR |

Jeff Tripp

Finance Committee | Manager | WBCBR

Mark Mansfield

Finance Committee | Manager | CCAR

Tammy Shilling

Finance Committee | Manager| AAAR

Randy Voller

Finance Committee | Manager | OCHAR

Deborah Ward

Finance Committee  | NCRMLS


Darlene Spivey 

Watch Task Force | CSO | WBCBR

Desiree Whalen

Watch Task Force | Manager | NRRAR

Janey Kane

Watch TaskForce | CSO| CFR

Kristi Snyder - Chair

Watch Task Force | Manager | MCRAR | Chair

Jo Anna Edwards

Watch Task Force | CSO| GWCAR

Josh Hardison

Watch Task Force | Manager| CPAR

Sharon Froehlich

Watch Task Force | Manager | GWCAR

Rebekah Crot

Watch Task Force | CSO | CPAR

Cindy Twiddy

Watch Task Force | Manager | NRRAR

Zach Bass

Watch Task Force | Manager | RMAAR

Jamie Cooper 

Watch Task Force | NCRMLS

Whitney Woodall

Watch Task Force | CSO | NRRAR

Patrick LaJeunesse

Watch Task Force | NCRMLS