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Ask  the Buyers Agent 

Unlock the power of Ask the Buyer's Agent - your go-to resource for mastering the post-NAR Settlement buyer's agent market. Seamlessly communicate your value to clients with confidence using our comprehensive tool. Establish trust and transparency from the start with a detailed buyer profile template that showcases your expertise, values, and real estate philosophy. Address common buyer questions instantly, providing valuable information and building trust through proactive communication. Elevate your buyer's agent game and stand out in a competitive landscape with Ask the Buyer's Agent by your side.

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The Industry's Only Personalized, Interactive Video Hosting & Conversational AI Platform Built for the Modern Agent.

60 Day Free Trial

Limited Time - 60 Day Free Trial !

Meet the Agent: 

Welcome to your personalized agent profile. Curate a professional image that resonates with your target audience, building trust from the very first click. Prospective and current clients can ask you valuable questions through a series of both custom, and Ask the Agent provided, evergreen (and editable) Q&As. Create an interactive and memorable first impression for your prospective clients, while offering them an easy way to schedule a meeting or contact you through the platform... 

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Property Listing Channel:  

Take clients on an interactive video journey through their dream home while providing valuable, curated property information. Your buyer can select their questions and learn from you, the property expert, about the best-selling points of a property, while you provide key information along the way. The buyer can easily contact you within the platform, so you'll never miss a lead. Even better? These videos are editable, so if you need to make changes, you can constantly be optimizing your content along the way. 

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Agent Broadcast Channel:   

Establish yourself as the local-market expert we know you are! Keep clients up to date on the latest in any relevant real estate topic. Ready to tell clients about the latest trend in interest rates or how to prepare their home for sale? No problem! Ask the Agent provides a platform for you to always stay top of mind, delivering value and relevant information when clients need it most.

Ask the Agent provides QR codes and links for all your marketing channels. QR codes and links never expire and can be applied to all your digital and print materials to get streaming!        Learn More >