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Important MLS Issues to REALTORS 

The value meaning of MLS is changing. Now, more than ever, Realtors and their customers are counting on the MLS for home data for a seamless transaction. 

We invite you to join us to share and explore key industry insights, trends, and technologies across the MLS real estate industry at the 2022 Tri-State MLS Summit!

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When:  MARCH 3, 2022

Where:  Virtual FREE EVENT

Time:   11:00 am - 3:00 pm EST

Why Attend?

It’s FREE! Harness the new technologies, the new normal with policies, and optimize new opportunities by attending the 2022 Tri-State MLS Summit! You’ll learn about what’s new and next in the MLS real estate industry and what to incorporate into your business to optimize your investment, serve your community, build your book, and boost your bottom line.

All Star Speaker Line-Up 

About Craig Zablocki

The Intelligence of Fun

11:05 am to 11:50 am. EST

People have different ideas about what fun is. Yet, all organizations know that feeling part of a team is fun. A state of openness and connection is fun, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, a CEO, or a certified nurse assistant. Everyone loves the “Aha” moments when solutions to a problem come into view. The Intelligence of Fun unlocks the keys to seeing solutions to problems as fun – being solution-minded and not problem-focused.


The point is that working within a culture of playfulness and the Intelligence of Fun is proven to increase productivity, motivation, creativity, new learning, and staff engagement. It affects everything … from the bottom line up.

About Leslie Roude Smith


11:55 am to 12:20 pm EST 

Learn more about best practices recommended for implementation at MLSs around the country. Learn from your 2022 NAR President, Leslie Rouda Smith who knows the MLS Best Practices, and ask your questions to find out what this means for your association.

About Mitch Skinner

New MLS Rules/Policies…Risks and Liabilities

12:25 pm to 1:00 pm EST

How Does It Affect Me?

What does that mean for me?   What will change 

NAR updated MLS rules, and REALTORS® may discover changes within their MLS. NCRMLS will implement them on March 1, 2022. 


Eight (8) changes to the NAR MLS policy will be implemented by NCRMLS on March 1, 2022. Learn from MLS Attorney Mitch Skinner how the 2022 MLS Policy Changes can affect you at a local level.

Sections Discussed: 

- Property Addresses 

- No Filtering of Listings

- Internet Data Exchange

- Display of sold data

- Advertised as “Free”

- One Data Source

- Display of Compensation

Sight-Unseen: Using Virtual Tools

1:05 pm to 1:45 pm EST 

The surge in remote home buying has increased dramatically and is here to stay.  Now, we are hearing about the sight-unseen appraisal.  This Panel will feature real estate photography and real estate marketing leaders who will discuss the virtual technology landscape.  

As REALTORS® pivot to control these new technologies, they must first learn and adjust to this new tech era of Real Estate.  They will give critical tips to help your business pivot to a virtual experience, remain effective, and keep your clients well informed with the latest Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies. 


The Panel will dive into discussions like:

  • What are the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) methods to show homes?   
  • Why are appraisers pivoting to sight-unseen appraisals with new technology?   
  • Sight Unseen Mania: The surge in remote home buying.  Is it here to stay? 
About Chris Carrillo

Who is the end-user for an MLS? 

1:55 pm to 2:30 pm EST

What is the MLS? Whether you’re looking to sell or buy a home, you will no doubt encounter the multiple listing service or MLS. This is, in many ways, the very lifeblood of the real estate business. But just what is the MLS? Sure, it’s a huge database of home listings, but there’s a lot more to it than just that. Let’s jump in!


• Trends in the MLS industry

• Considerations to think of

• Plus more...

About Joe Coile

How to scope out the best tools. 

Knowing What Works Best! 

2:35 pm to 3:10 pm EST

The best real estate agents know that the only way to keep up with the industry is by leveraging technology. Indeed, there is some incredible real estate technology at their disposal these days. You can multiply your productivity as an agent — and significantly lighten your workload — by using these tools properly.

The Tri-State Hosts

The New Mexico MLS, Colorado Real Estate Network and the North Carolina Regional MLS have teamed up to bring MAJOR LEAGUE MLS information to you, our members, and MLS Spring Training Fans!

The New Mexico MLS is a robust REALTOR® entity with over 890 Subscribers and Users, Vendors, Staff working together to accumulate and disseminate vital New Mexico housing and property data to our buyers and sellers. The New Mexico MLS engages a superior suite of services to enable our subscribers and users to facilitate the sale and purchase of property.  

Established in 2005, Colorado Real Estate Network (CREN) is a regional MLS servicing 17+ counties and six REALTOR® Board Associations. CREN provides its REALTOR® members with a communication tool for buying, selling, leasing or auctioning properties within the region. We have approximately 1,200 REALTOR® members and 250 affiliates including banks, appraisers, and property inspectors.

NCRMLS is a Wholesale Cooperative MLS that Empowers Realtor Associations & MLSs to connect their REALTORS® throughout North Carolina by providing them with the most reliable and accurate real estate data, a powerful best-in-class toolset, and innovative training at the lowest cost possible.

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