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Clear Cooperation

Section 1.01 Clear Cooperation Within one (1) business day of marketing a property to the public, the listing broker must submit the listing to the MLS for cooperation with other MLS participants. Public marketing includes, but is not limited to, flyers displayed in windows, yard signs,digital marketing on public facing websites, brokerage website displays (including IDX and VOW), digital communications marketing (email blasts), multi-brokerage listing sharing networks, and applications available to the general public.(M)...

Flexmls Short Tip Videos

Subscription Opt-In Status Report

Subscription Opt-In Status Report

Want to know if your contacts are receiving their subscription’s auto-emails? To see who has and hasn’t opted-in to emails, check out the Opt-In Status Report.

Listing Activity Report

Learn how to see who is viewing your active listings. The Listings Activity Report breaks down where people are the viewing the listing and how they are rating it. You can also set the report as an auto e-mail to your client.

Introduction to Subscriptions

Learn how to create a Subscription for your contact in this video. Subscriptions send automatic listing updates to your contact.

Portals How-To

Learn what contacts can do in the Portal, how to invite them and how to review their Portal activity.

Getting Started with Quick Launch

Learn how to search using the Quick Launch bar. You can learn how to search by address or MLS #, find recent searches that were...

Flexmls Overview

Check out this Flexmls Overview video, as we condense an hour-long training into four minutes to get you started in Flexmls. In it, we cover the dashboard, Quick Search and results, how to start a listing, and more.

In-App Notification Center

Check out this video to learn about our notification center that’s built right into your Flexmls experience! The Flexmls notification center ensures you receive Flexmls news where it’s fastest, easiest and most convenient: in your daily workflow.

Videos & Virtual Tours

If you want a quick lesson on how to add videos and virtual tours to your listings this video is for you!


Check out this quick video to learn how superusing allows you to access other members’ accounts without sharing passwords and while maintaining an accurate history of who performed listing changes.

1004MC Form

The Market Conditions Addendum (Form 1004MC) is designed to enhance transparency in market trends, conditions, and conclusions. Watch this video to learn how to complete...

Private Photos, Videos & Virtual Tours

Need to remove photos and other visual media from public view but keep them available in the MLS? Watch this video to learn how to make photos, videos, and virtual tours private and how to connect privacy to listing status.

How To Use The List View On Android

If you want to learn how to quickly view search results using the photo, list, or map view on Android, this is the video for you!

Help Options

We’ve created a lot of amazing resources to help you become a Flexmls expert, whether you’re a seasoned user or a beginner! This video will...

Quick Search: Permanently Add Fields To A Search Template

Tired of adding the same field every time you start a new search? This video will show you how to create a custom search template that includes all of your most frequently used fields. 

Quick Search: Find Office/Member Listings

Learn how to search for member or office listings from Quick Search in less than 2 minutes!

Quick Search: Select Multiple Statuses

Do you want to run a search that includes Active, Pending and Closed listings? Watch this video and learn how to create a search that includes multiple statuses.

Quick Search: How to Select Property Types

Want to change the property type in your search or search across multiple property types? Watch this video to learn in less than 2 minutes how to select the appropriate Quick Search template to get the search results you’re looking for.

Quick Search: Exclude Fields From Your Search

Do you want to search for listings in a county, but exclude a particular town? Watch this quick video and learn how to create a...

Quick Search: Selecting A Datashare MLS

If your MLS shares listing data with other MLSs, learn how to select the MLSs to include in your search results in this quick video.

Quick Search: Search Public & Private Remarks

If you want to learn how to search public and private remarks, this video is for you!

See All Short Tip Videos

List of all Flexmls short tip videos...

Flexmls Recorded Training 

FAQ: Subscriptions

You know how to create subscriptions for contacts, but how do you check to see if your contacts are receiving their updates? How do you change the search criteria for a subscription? How do you remove a subscription from a contact without removing the contact? Learn how in this video.

Coffee Break: Driving Directions In Flexmls

Don’t get lost when you’re out and about showing listings! In this recording, we’ll teach you how to select listings and use the Flexmls map to plot driving directions using Google Maps. Additionally, see how to use listing collections to get turn-by-turn driving directions that can be used from the Flexmls mobile app.

My Production

Learn how to use Flexmls to view your year-to-date production as well as how to use the Summary Statistics report to pull your production or production for your office (as allowed by your MLS) for specific dates.

Flexmls for Office Admins

If you’re an office administrator this is for you. In this video, we will look at general system navigation, customizations for admins, searching, adding/editing listings, superusing, and more!

Coffee Break: Text Listings from Flexmls

Are you interested in sending a listing to someone via text from your laptop or desktop computer? In this video you’ll learn how to text listings, set up your clients to receive texts seamlessly, and find answers to commonly asked questions about texting listings through Flexmls.

Flexmls Fundamentals - Adding and Changing Listings

Listing questions? We’ve got answers! We’ll walk through the entire Add Listing process, from entering the listing data, to previewing the listing, to adding photos and documents. We’ll also cover how to do price and status changes once your listing is active on the MLS.

Flexmls Fundamentals - Market Trends and Statistics

Interested in learning more about the statistics reports in Flexmls web? This webinar will take a detailed look at both the Market Summary Report and the My Market Report in Flexmls.

Coffee Break - Customize Your Contact Management Screen

Flexmls is all about customizations – making it mirror how you work. In this video, we’ll show you how to customize your contact management screen to display the information that suits your workflow.

Flexmls Fundamentals - The Full CMA

A detailed look at creating the Full CMA in Flexmls. Learn the easiest way to start a CMA from any search screen. We look at the process for locating your subject property on a map, finding nearby comparable listings, and walk you through the entire process of setting up a Full CMA.