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Important MLS Issues to REALTORS 

The value meaning of MLS is changing. Now, more than ever, Realtors and their customers are counting on the MLS for home data for a seamless transaction. 

We invite you to join us to share and explore key industry insights, trends, and technologies across the MLS real estate industry at the 2022 Tri-State MLS Summit!

The Intelligence of Fun

People have different ideas about what fun is. Yet, all organizations know that feeling part of a team is fun. A state of openness and connection is fun, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, a CEO, or a certified nurse assistant. Everyone loves the “Aha” moments when solutions to a problem come into view. The Intelligence of Fun unlocks the keys to seeing solutions to problems as fun – being solution-minded and not problem-focused.


Learn more about best practices recommended for implementation at MLSs around the country. Learn from your 2022 NAR President, Leslie Rouda Smith who knows the MLS Best Practices, and ask your questions to find out what this means for your association.

Sight-Unseen: Using Virtual Tools

The surge in remote home buying has increased dramatically and is here to stay.  Now, we are hearing about the sight-unseen appraisal.  This Panel will feature real estate photography and real estate marketing leaders who will discuss the virtual technology landscape.

Who is the end-user for an MLS? 

What is the MLS? Whether you’re looking to sell or buy a home, you will no doubt encounter the multiple listing service or MLS. This is, in many ways, the very lifeblood of the real estate business. But just what is the MLS? Sure, it’s a huge database of home listings, but there’s a lot more to it than just that. Let’s jump in!

How to scope out the best tools. 

The best real estate agents know that the only way to keep up with the industry is by leveraging technology. Indeed, there is some incredible real estate technology at their disposal these days. You can multiply your productivity as an agent — and significantly lighten your workload — by using these tools properly.

Flexmls Recorded Webinars 

Reverse Prospecting

You’ve got the perfect listing for someone, but who? Watch this quick video to learn how to use reverse prospecting to identify agents with contacts/searches that are a perfect fit for your listing.

Working With Sellers

Want to learn more about features that will help you work better with your sellers? Check out this video! We’ll cover the one-line CMA, a Full CMA, Listing Activity Reports and more.

Custom Search Templates

Do you want to search more efficiently? Watch this video to learn how to create your own search templates that have the fields you use in the order you want.

Tidy Up After The Sale

You made the sale and that’s awesome! But what do you do with your contact’s record when you’re no longer actively working with them? Join us and learn how to deactivate subscriptions, turn off access to the portal, make a contact inactive, and more!

The Full CMA

Want to learn the easiest way to start a CMA from any search screen? This video is for you! We’ll walk you through the entire process of setting up a Full CMA, including locating your subject property on a map and finding nearby comparable listings.

Getting Started With Quick Search I

Are you an expert when using Full Search (Legacy), but not quite as familiar with Quick Search? This introduction to Quick Search will show you how it compares to Full Search (Legacy), and show you why Quick Search is the most powerful search tool in Flexmls today.

Getting Started With Quick Search II

Have you tried using Quick Search, but still have questions? Do you want to customize your Quick Search experience so you have one-click access to the fields you search on most frequently? Join us and take your Quick Search knowledge to the next level!

Getting Started With Quick Search III

With Full Search (Legacy) being removed soon, get peace of mind about your hundreds of saved searches, subscriptions and client portals. Watch this video to see how all of your searches will still remain, and how your subscriptions and portals will continue to function with no disruption.

Flexmls Portals On Any Platform

Did you know your clients can use the portal as a dedicated app or on a website? Watch this training to see what your clients are able to do on each platform, view functionality side by side, and see how you can track contact activity regardless of platform.

Fast Statistics For Search

Have you ever run a search, looked at the results, and wondered: What’s the average list price for these search results? How many of the sold listings were on the market for more than 90 days? Watch this recording for a look at using the Compare tab in search results.

Preview Mode: Send Only The Best Listings

Subscriptions are great for sending automatic listing updates, but is there a way to review the listings before they are sent to your prospects? The answer is yes! Learn all about using Preview Mode on subscriptions, and make sure your subscriptions only send out the listings that you approve!

Flexmls Recorded Training

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